Friday, July 18, 2008

Running with the Garbage Men

Running makes me feel great! There's nothing like getting the sleep you need and then willingly waking up at a ridiculous hour to run down the road. There are a few of us in Woodstock that are regulars at this hour of the day, just a few. We run with reflective vests, or with tape, or flashing beacons, or even with a headlamp. Some, like me, run with a bright yellow shirt and my shorts and shoes have reflective strips. We put in these miles while the rest of the world sleeps. I pass two Starbucks stores on my 5-mile route (Some say there are too many Starbucks!) approximately six dry cleaners, two large grocery stores, a high school, a middle school, a Lutheran church, and a Methodist church. I pass two fitness centers, including one that opens at 5:00 AM and has a fitness boot camp going on in the parking lot at 5:30 AM. I run past the local police hiding in driveways and running their morning speed traps and red light enforcement checks. I run with the garbage men, since they are virtually the only commercial business that is up and running that early. Kind of strange that we can feel a sort of kinship with the garbage men.

The Liturgy Calls!

Weight 260 20/80 Ugh
How I feel 8/10
How I ate 7/10

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