Sunday, December 28, 2008

15 extra pounds

Now, all those who have lost weight know how great it feels to be lighter. But my occasional morning routine serves as a constant reminder to me.

This morning, I ran down to the grocery store with a day pack on my back and a grocery list in hand. I do this once in a while - usually on days when we are out of milk. My light run days (usually after a longer run) serve as an opportunity to walk back home carrying the day's groceries on my back.

Today's haul:
1 gallon milk
3 pounds butter
1 tub sour cream
1 jars chicken bouillion paste
1 box instant oatmeal
1 newspaper

TOTAL: approximately 15 pounds

What I am reminded of is that carrying around an extra 15 pounds on my back is pretty tiring. Likewise, I used to carry that extra weight around inside my shirt, rather than on my back. Even more incentive to keep losing weight. . .

Run Long friends . . .

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