Saturday, October 11, 2008

Easy peasy lemon squeezy

OK, so now i've done it. I've run my first official road race. Historic Roswell 5K in 35:51. Yes, I was hoping for sub-35 minutes and even considered a stretch goal to get under 30 minutes. But in retrospect, 35 :51 is not so bad, considering the last half of the course was pretty hilly. That's an 11:31 per-mile pace, for those who are counting.

This was my personal "Kick the Couch 5-K" - part of the Worldwide Festival of Races.
( Felt great to be running along with a whole bunch of other racers - 1156 Entrants in 41 Countries

About 1.5 miles into it, I heard a little kid somewhere off to the side of the course, tell his parents "That looks easy." While I was happy to hear that (at least to this little kid) I was making it look easy, we all know that running your first official race, while a lot of fun and really enjoyable, is not really "easy." A lot of prep time and careful eating and early morning training went into this.

I got sick a month ago and was down for two weeks, unable to breathe, much less to train. When I got back to the morning runs, the only thing I had lost was my ability to breathe properly. If not for that, maybe 30 minuutes would have been within my reach.

A few days off and back on the proper diet plan and back to training.

Now, let's find another race to signup for and run.

Weight 260 (ugh!)
How I feel 10/10
How I ate 8/10

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