Thursday, August 21, 2008

Got a Light?

When you see other runners out there in the wee hours of the morning, you start to wonder about some of their routines, or gear, or their routes. I used to think, gosh that fella looks a bit silly with a fuel belt, and a heart monitor strap across his chest, and a head lamp lighting his path. I'm out here running basically the same roads as he is and I don't need no stinkin' head lamp!

But the truth is, I have no idea where he's coming from, or where he's going. Maybe he's running 10 miles today, versus my 3,4, or 5 miles. Maybe he needs the fuel belt for a longer run. Maybe he's really geeked out with the heart monitor and a GPS and all that (hey, whatever works for you). Maybe he's a finely tuned machine and needs to hit a particualr target heart rate to stay on his training plan. As for the headlight, perhaps he started down a really long dark driveway at 3AM and needs it for that reason.

And then I hit the spider web!

Yes, I imagine it happens to all of us. I ran face-first directly into an enormous (and I will add, not uninhabited) spider web. There's nothing quite like a sudden face full of sticky web, maybe a moth carcass or two stuck to your already sweaty arms, and the freaky sensation of a large crunchy 8-legged creature scurrying across your head, running for his life. A few frantic swats and I believe that I have removed all noticeable animals, both living and dead, from my body and after a few hundred feet, most of the web material is also brushed off. I must have looked like a possessed mime, or a Houdini impersonator wriggling out of my straightjacket, while continuing to run down the sidewalk, flailing my arms and dancing about shaking my head back and forth.

Lesson learned. Maybe I bring a light next time.

5 miles in 72 minutes - what should I expect after taking a couple of weeks off?

Weight 255
How I feel 8/10 now that I have my B supplements and some caffeine in me
How I ate 6/10 yesterday - lunch out today will be a test

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