Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kings of the Sky

When I think of the magnificent birds that inhabit the earth, I picture an Eagle soaring high in the sky, or a red-tailed hawk swooping over the roadway during my morning runs and passing just 50 feet in front of me. But there is one bird that is truly the king of all the birds. A bird so ubiquitous and plentiful that any visitor to our planet would certainly conclude is the dominant of all the birds. That bird is, of course, the American Crow!

The crow, of course is everywhere. It lives in cities, in the country, on farms, and in suburbia. It flies in just about any weather and will eat just about anything. They will stand boldly in the middle of traffic to pick at a piece of juicy roadkill. They will eat your leftover Mcburger and fries and not complain that there's no ketchup. They are up before dawn, around during the day, and stay up late at night. I'm not sure they ever sleep at all. The American Crow - the King of the Sky.

Today, I share a short video of my morning run. It is my first time playing with video tools, so it's not pretty, and I shot most of it in fairly low light, but, such as it is. Enjoy!

Weight 255 25/75
How I feel 9.5/10
How I ate 8.5/10

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