Saturday, June 7, 2008

Today's Forecast

The forecast for today: HOT Tomorrow: REALLY HOT

Looking for 93 degrees today and 97 tomorrow. I dropped off a car for service and ran back home approx 3 miles, stopping at the grocery store for a few things on the way. Unfortunately, I FORGOT MY IPOD!!! But actually it was kind of nice since I got to hear the sounds of the world that I had forgotten about - jacked up redneck pickup trucks, screaming speeding dump trucks, barking dogs, etc.

Taking my wife out for dinner tonight to celebrate our 20th anniversary.

Weight holding steady at 263 this morning (260 after my run back, but that's a dehydrated weight so it doesn't count) Short goal is to survive the weekend at 263 or below.


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Karen said...

My husband and I were in Saugerties last weekend. I don't know how you run in heat like that -- and I'm from Arizona! Try to remember that you're getting stronger with every run, no matter how slow or short. Once the cooler temps return, you'll be able to run much longer and faster.

Karen (fellow Pheddipidations listener)