Friday, June 27, 2008

Yes, it is very dark at 4:30 AM!

"Not only is it very dark, but it is very quiet at 4:30 AM," I said.

So last night my 9-yo son asks me to wake him up when I go for my run this morning. And so I did, and he got dressed and off we went, for 4 miles today. Now, my average time was NOT what I'd like it to be and I did the 4 miles in the same time it usually takes me to run 5 miles, and I didn't listen to my iPod, because I had someone to talk to, but that's OK. I imagine his endurance will build up a whole lot faster than mine and he will be with me at my pace and then beyond me before too long.

You notice the strangest things early in the morning. When we left the house, we were greeted by an absolute riot of singingand squawking birds - starlings, cardinals, blue jays, mockingbirds, doves, brown thrashers - you name it. As we moved from our lowly subdivision down the road to another development, the residents of which find it necessary to aggressively spray for insects (probably leaf-eating caterpillars), we met absolute deafening silence! Just 1-1/2 miles away and worlds apart. Makes me think about what we do to our environment when we find it necessary to eradicate those pesky bugs from our surroundings. Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for treating my house for termites and spraying inside to keep the roaches and spiders out of the house, but mass eradication outdoors certainly is leaving a deep footprint in our wake.

New low again . . . 258 now. 22 down and 78 to go.

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